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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


United Nations Trans-Atlantic 
Slave Trade Remembrance

"For over 400 years, more than 15 million men, women and children were the victims of the tragic transatlantic slave trade, one of the darkest chapters in human history."
Exhibit of types of vessels used in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by
Spain, Portugal, France, Germany England, & others.
Every year on 25 March, the United Nation's International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade offers the opportunity to honor and remember those who suffered and died at the hands of the brutal slavery system. 

The International Day also aims to raise awareness about the dangers of racism
 and prejudice today.

Commemorating the Memory of the Victims]
In commemoration of the memory of the victims, the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 62/122 of 17 December 2007, declared 25 March the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, to be observed annually.
The resolution also called for the establishment of an outreach programs to mobilize educational institutions, civil society and other organizations to inculcate in future generations the "causes, consequences and lessons of the transatlantic slave trade, and to communicate the dangers of racism and prejudice."

Hosted by:
City of Los Angeles Department
 of Cultural Affairs, 
Nina Womack & Charmaine Jefferson
 Teresa R. Kemp presents Voyages & Names, CA slavery Era Databases & More
Teresa R. Kemp teaches on Databases
in her book, "Keeper of the Fire"
Click on the photo above to
Replay the Pre-Recorded Video May 25/2020 Panel Discussion on Trans-Atlantic Slavery Databases.
Watch the Video Taped Presentation
of the SlaveVoyages. org Database
Assemble family, school and genealogy groups
A Master Class for Researchers, Teachers and Historians.
Voyages Database - 36,002 Trans-Atlantic Slaving Voyages, African images of people, vessels and manuscript registers
from slaving vessels mid-1500's-1870's.
Commercial for the Presentation with overview
Click to see the Voyages.org Database Overview by Teresa R. Kemp
California Slavery Era Insurance Registry Database - List of businesses that insured slave labor in America. It's an additional primary source for research that fills gaps of US Census.

It Contains the records of slaveholder insurance policies issued by any predecessor corporation during the slavery era.  in 2000 the Governor said "The names of any slaveholders or slaves described in those insurance records, shall make the information available to the public.
Each insurer licensed and doing business in this state shall research and report to the Commissioner with respect to any records within the insurer's possession or knowledge relating to insurance policies issued to slaveholders that provided coverage for damage to or death or their slaves
African Names & Louisiana Slave Names Databases -

All African people didn't loose their names. I'll cover original African names & American names, the enslaved were given in America.
White Slavery in America - Not indentured  - Enslaved, sold worldwide. People were stolen from Africa and Europe then sold in America.
"Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka"
is the Companion book for Ms. Teresa R. Kemp's Presentations. Click the book below to purchase your copy today.
 Click this link to purchase your book today
It makes a great gift for the person who has everything.

Get a copy for teachers, genealogist
students who have to write reports
and your community library!
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Overview of Keeper of the Fire Presentation
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Friday, March 20, 2020

Educate Yourself and Your Community

Why are libraries/schools closed and massage, nail, hair, tattoo parlors, amusement parks, bars opening in America?

Please text, call or contact your state governor’s office and county offices to ask!

 Come Study With Me! 
I am in quarantine and under a 
Shelter in Place Order since 02/01/20.

I have missed you all! I was asked, "What do you do?" 
Here is what I've been doing the last 40+ years.

Click the book to purchase your copy today. 
Keeper of the Fire: Am Igbo Metalsmith From Awka took 25 year to write with 5 generations of documents, diaries, photos and artifacts now in our museum collections.
  Fighting Human Trafficking

I memorize, transfer cultural history and knowledge from one generation to another 

I am the @1KeeperoftheFire (Instagram)
Over the years with my family, we have our European ancestry to 149 AD. I have entered it on line in www.FamilySearch.org back to 1352.

 There is a conflict, that will require more research, I need to resolve, prior to continuing.

One of the Strother women, Helen, visited all the continents and every country! She put royal sureties, DAR, Palatines & Huguenots and other societies of do history in a book. She did the heavy lifting, I just have to verify the sources for accurate dates, places and names.
My Grandfather Milton Strother
Edgefield SC 1856-1945

My Great grandfather, David R. Strother 
Edgefield, SC 1814-1864
 She visited all the castles, country homes, archives, libraries, visited museums. She wrote a book documenting 49 generations. We are only 2 generations different. from the 1700's my Great grandfather David Richardson Strother is born in 1814. My mother's father is born in 1856, both were born in South Carolina.

I took the Family Tree DNA test in 2012 
so we have migration routes for 
our family from East Africa to West Africa

to Europe by the different groups.

Community Food Giveaways
I support L.E.A.F. & Genesis House International SC Wild's Heritage Center
in Food Give-Aways in 
South Carolina, Georgia




Research Place
I am a Griot I research culture, learning, 
preserving and memorizing history.
SC Wild's Heritage & Science Center of Plantation Quilts Formerly in McCormick South Carolina

 Mentoring Yourth Workshops

Museum * Gallery * Classes 
Visit my website research page:   
I Am A Researcher, Preservationist

Three of our historic 19th Century Quilts of the UGRR Quilt Code Plantation Quilts Collection with a Log Cabin Patterns

Tree Bark Fabric Map showing Slaving route through
Tanzania to Pacific then Sold to Americas 

My late 1st cousin Ophelia Mitchell DeVore
My late mother, Serena M. Strother Wilson - History Maker holding the book, "Hidden In Plain View" about our family legacy of the Underground Railroad Quilt Code done by abolitionist Peter and Eliza Farrow. The story was told by my late, great Aunt Ozella McDaniel Williams.

Keeper of little known history facts
 - There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.
 - And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, [which come] of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

This textile was stolen from my car in Atlanta GA

Nephilim worshiping the Golden Calf (ankh on calf's neck) with Goddess Isis (In Winged bird form) above Altar in Giza Egypt (Spinx on the left) with an open kiln behind. Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers between giant men with Hebrew hooded Torah between them. 

King Mansa Musa Emperor of the 
Mali and Songhai Kingdoms
At an estimated value of $400 billion, Mansa Musa I of Mali is the richest person who ever lived. 

Born in 1280, Mansa Musa was ruler of the Malian empire, and acquired the most part of his wealth from the production and trade of salt and gold; more than half of the world's supply at the time.

In 1914, the West African coast was still
named the Slave Coast on this map. 

Visit my Youtube.com Keeper of the Fire Playlist to learn about Ivan Van Sertima's, Dr. Ben, Asa Hilliard and Malcolm X, Civil War, African history, speeches, lectures and more!
Over 18 Olmec Heads discovered in Mexico the
Oldest Native American Tribe
Anthony Browder and his daughter with statues
of the Black Pharaoh's There were over 20!
University in England explorer sitting on
one of ten destroyed Nsude pyramids in Nigeria
Photo of 10 of the Nsude Pyramids in Nigeria prior
to them being destroyed searching for riches.

Benin Bronze (Stolen for Religious Reasons)
Benin Bronze Plaques, , mask, woods gold and more staged 
in the court yard of the King of Benin City 
Africa taken as Loot of War in 1897.

They took over 2000 hand carved elephant tusk (ivories)
African Golden Circumcision Chair
with Elephants and Gorilla's on arms and legs.

Hebrew Characters on one of our textiles from Ghana
Look at the Hebrew characters see
if you can find them in the textile above.

Indigo processing on American plantations by
 enslaved West African people.  
Indigo plant in 19th Century America
Mediterranean mollusk that were used to 
yield indigo in ancient times

Indigo textile in our West African
Plantation Quilts Collection

These are Moses from Exodus 17:12 KJV
When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up--one on one side.
one on the other--so that his hands ... side

There were over 4,000 Bronze images stolen by the 
British and 2,000 carved Ivories
So his hands were steady until 
the going down of the sun. 
Moses with Aaron and Hur depicted in the Benin Bronze.
It is my goal to get the bronze statues and
stolen items returned to their rightful owners!!

African Children were taken in the Trans-Atlantic 

Slave Trade as young as 3-years-old.
Child in American cotton field  forced to labor as a slave.

The United States and other countries were still slaving in 1890's in Africa according to a document I found signed by a representative of the President of the United States.

At the Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD) in Cape Coast Ghana Africa. The PRAAD building at Cape Coast holds a large body of documentary material including printed material, manuscripts, maps, drawings and photographic collections. 

Archival exploration, restoration and preservation (No Gloves Available)at the Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD) in Cape Coast Ghana Africa

These are held in a large room in the archive building ideally designed as a repository. However, irregular power supply, poor functioning and unsatisfactory maintenance of air conditioners as well as humidity and 
dust control problems have led to a deterioration 
in the physical conditions of the collections.
The project will focus on pre-colonial collections, particularly hand-written court proceedings and those most endangered by the unfavorable climatic conditions and passage of time. A complete inventory of endangered documents and other archival material will be undertaken. 
Some specific documents in need of urgent attention will be digitized, which will also be useful for exposing archival staff and research personnel to digital technology. The results of this pilot project will define and put in place the technical method for a larger project." https://eap.bl.uk/project/EAP474

Teach The Teacher's Master Classes
Classes at Quilting Expo in the International Savannah Trade & Convention Center

Historians examine documents at Covina CA Library
UGRR Quilt Code Exhibit & Program

Quilters experience an Hands-On Textile Dating and Fabrics of Historic UGRR Quilts.
Exhibitions at Colleges

Historic Churches of the UGRR


Teresa R. Kemp, Nana Efua Adadzewa 1st in Durbar (Festival) 
Parade in Mankessim Ghana Africa
Durbar (Festival) for my Enstoolment as a Queen Mother in Mankessim Ghana Africa
Irish weapons and cultural exchange at the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum
Irish Bagpipe Marching Band in the Irish Festival Parade in downtown Atlanta GA USA
Knights on horseback in tournament attire in the
St. Patrick's Day Parade in Atlanta GA USA
Clowns in the St. Patrick's Day Parade for the children.
Quilters For Christ and Brown Sugar Stitchers
Master Quilter, Mildred Washington
President of Quilters For Christ Columbus Ohio
Lap Quilts for the Wheelchair bound 

Blankets for Cancer Patients

Pillows for dialysis patients
Prison Ministry
Record Expungement Workshop
Free Grant Writing Classes
Summer Camps

Financial Workshops for Youth
Genealogy at the County Senior Centers
Community Art Projects Artist


Artist Jeffery Callahan painting mural 
with the community in downtown
McCormick South Carolina

Health Mobile /Health Checks
Butter making projects
Gem and Mineral Exhibit at Erskine College
Amos Cunningham in Due West SC

Rock Hounding Trips
Meeting with representative from the Smithsonian

Prayer Walks
TV, Radio and Podcast interviews

  Historic Re-enactments in Saluda,
Clemson, Edgefield and McCormick
South Carolina Communities
Teresa R. Kemp in Lincolnton GA 
Support National UGRR Freedom Center
Cincinnati Ohio
 Supporting Christian Ministries
HIS Heart Outreach Ministry in Kentucky
 Supporting Military History Events
Guest at the SC State Capitol in Columbia SC

Militarily Historians Teresa R. Kemp and Sonya Hodges Grantham at SC State Capitol in Columbia SC

Visitor at the 371st monument in France and the
 cemetery for WWI Veterans Ms. Teresa R. Kemp has more than 17 family members who fought in France WWI

Black Confederate Soldier Research

Mom and Tot Classes and Exhibits

Library Reading Programs

Reading to Students
Youth Arts & Crafts Classes

Soap Making Classes

Sewing Classes
Zeda teaching her friend to hand stitch a quilt.
Boys Sewing Classes At Summer Church Camp
4-6 yr. old Boy's Sewing Class at St. Phillips Summer Camp
7-8 yr. old Boy's Sewing Class at St. Phillips Church in Atlanta GA USA
Book Writing Workshops

ASA World Medical Mission Trips to
 Nigeria and Ghana Africa

Teresa R. Kemp, Nana Efua Adadzewa 1st outside Kumassi Ghana at a church for eyeglass distribution in power outage

70 doctors, nurses, pharmacist, students & Nigerian celebrities supported the Anambra State Medical Mission 
I brought eyeglasses to give away in 8 towns in 8 days
 in Anambra State Nigeria Africa
HRM Eze of Nri & his wife when we visited his palace in Nigeria

We traveled from Awka to 8 towns in 8 days
setting up and seeing 400 - 1500 people in a day.

Ms. Teresa R.Kemp, Osinachi at OBU GAD (House of Gad) in Nigeria Africa

Visited dignitaries & museums in Kumassi, Ghana Africa

As a Queen Mother I visited schools and attended graduations and
events in  Mankessim Ghana West Africa

I grace African cultural event, funerals & support students.


Black Lives Matter * All Lives Matter
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I am currently working with my 
Telecommunications company to get
 to put my technology upgraded; research, galleries, 
curriculum's courses on-line.
I have to: 
      * Digitize 1000's of documents and photos 
      * Add courses/class content on-line
      * Enhance Gift shop online
Current Genealogy Research Topics:
I currently have a request from Delores Kemp to 
California assist the Kemp's from GA in getting
 information prior to 1880 US Census.

I am working with James Abrams to document my 
1st cousin's (Blanche DeVore Abrams)
husband Auteur Abrams ancestry. 
We have gotten back to his great grandparents. 

One if the Kemp men is still living; 
doing great at 97 years old so several 
people are sending me questions to ask him.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

I'll post the questions & answers, as I get them. 
I will put a FQA Area on my social media also.



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