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Thursday, December 25, 2014

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


We use our family's legacy of being abolitionist and working on the Underground Railroad in America to teach "Methods of Escape". All of the escape plans required a knowledge of science and math and faith. To do that effectively the student scholars need to see the importance of science and math in their everyday lives. 

More important is that they understand the relationship of the traditional African people brought to America for slavery, the African-American who were enslaved in America (now called the Gullah-Geechee people) in my family feel towards conservation to nature and the responsibility we were give by God to care for it all. Many people think or talk about it but as a child, our daily actions centered around making good decisions guaranteeing the future food supplies for my children. My families Native America family side also emphasized this love of nature, the land and the God given responsible care for all who need our assistance.  

Jamel Thomas - Joyce Teresa R. Kemp
JAMEL'S DEEP SEA ADVENTURE is our 1st book in our Plantation Quilts Science Series where we share the history of Nana (that's what my grandchildren call me) and her Gullah roots in an summer adventure with Jamel, my grandson and I to the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Explore the GA Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium at Pemberton Place 
Click on this picture of the Georgia Aquarium at Pemberton Place in Atlanta, Georgia to visit their on-line educational program's information by grade level. They have great selection of information for parents, teachers and students about the galleries we visited and aquatic friends we met. 

Like to explore new places? Need a more challenging, fun....deep sea adventure for your science scholars ages 7 and up?  This is the book where they will not only learn "Fun Facts" about beluga whales, star fish, eel worms, Jelly Fish, sea otters, hammerhead sharks and manta rays. These are just a few of the deep sea friends Jamel encounters on his immersive deep sea adventure.

One little fish from the school swimming by comes to meet Jamel. 
Your scholar is asked to identify on globes, the areas where each of the sea inhabitants live and travel. It helps them to learn to do research and identify the warm tropics from the frozen Arctic regions. They will be asked to identify the Northern Southern Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Jamel's Deep Sea Adventure covers why we should practice recycling and are responsible for conservation of our underwater resources while they learn new vocabulary words. 

You can  join Jamel as he travels by airplane, as an Unaccompanied Minor, from his home in Columbus, Ohio to  Atlanta, Georgia to visit his grandparents. While there Jamel shares in his grandmother's deep sea adventure she never had growing up. If your little one has to travel this is a good book to explain the process and the tips Jamel learned to help his ears when he felt the pressure of the airplanes take off and landings. 

You will learn more about the origins, culture and foods of Nana's vanishing Gullah-Geechee culture? Nana tells her grandson, Jamel about going daily to catch dinner - fish, shrimp, crab, digging for clams and chipping oysters at the oyster reef, when she was a little girl. She went with her Great-Uncle James and her sister, to catch their dinner daily to share it with family and neighbors on the Beaufort, South Carolina coast. There would be eating, conversation, singing, music, dancing, quilting and weaving going on in the yard. There were no super markets, or chains of mega grocery stores in those days. 

 Explore the Georgia Aquarium Exhibits and Galleries
Jamel met Penguin Friends
Click on the picture of the Penguins to visit the Georgia Aquarium Galleries and Exhibits.

If you live in a land-locked location, want to explore the worlds oceans, get practice with conversational punctuation, contractions and the vocabulary of the sea, join Jamel and his Nana on their 1st Deep Sea Adventure to the Georgia Aquarium.

Many children don't know scientific names or the continents, names of the oceans or seas. They can use this book to learn the habitat and travels of the sea creatures across the hemispheres. Imagination, use of colors and art is also very important to the development of our youth. We want to always encourage the growth of their abilities.

In his book, Jamel shares this drawing and shows you his sketch, Then your student scholar is asked to create his or her own new underwater species and to give it a name.

We also discuss the destructive forces of underwater earthquakes, typhoons and tsunami. See what Nana was taught to do when faced with fears or natural disasters, it still works today.

This book makes the perfect gift for the Holidays!

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