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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Video Presentation At "UGRR Quilt Code Secret of the Quilts Exhibit"

Video Presentations at the UGRR Quilt Code Traveling Exhibits Give Overview of the Historic Underground Railroad in America

       Mrs. Teresa Kemp
 Historian, Quilter, Griot 

"I fight Modern Slavery - Human Trafficking by using the my families historic Underground Railroad exhibits to call attention to the Modern Slavery issues today!" 

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The NHTRC is a program of Polaris Project, a non-profit, non-governmental organization
 working exclusively on th
e issue of human trafficking. 
We are not a government entity, law enforcement or an immigration authority

Teresa R. Kemp, guest curator, usually shows the CBS News "Commemorating Slaves' Freedom" Video that gives an overview of the struggle of the freedom seekers and the efforts of abolitionist in America. 

The video was shown on national television, in America,
the day of the opening of the Underground Railroad National
Freedom Center in Cincinnati, OH.

They were proud to be honored and our family story selected to be featured in both the book "Hidden in Plain View" Co-authored by Dr. Jacqueline L. Tobin & Dr. Raymond G. Dobard, previewed on Oprah Winfrey Show and by the CBS News.

Mrs. Serena Strother Wilson, Art History Maker
Born in Edgefield, SC  (1934-2012)

The History Makers organization has 5 hours of
video taped interviews with Serena Wilson.

Below is the CBS camera crew with
Teresa R. Kemp & her late mother, Serena Wilson
at the UGRR Underground Railroad Station,
Kelton House in Columbus, Ohio.

    An American UGRR Station or "Safe House" 

Mrs. Kemp's late mother was one
of their supporters &
often volunteered as a docent to give groups a tour. 

Mrs. Serena Strother Wilson took dirt from the
Kelton House garden to Freedom Center's
walk across
bridge of the Ohio River 
(Called "River Jordan) in Cincinnati, OH.

The Wilson & Kemp families symbolically
walked across
with other abolitionist families
and international supporters 
at the
2004 Grand Opening. 

Interviewed Serena at her home in Columbus, OH, she was quilting with her good friend, 
Mildred H. Washington.

Students get to see them 
working on one of the sampler quilts in the video
that is shown in the exhibit.

Mrs. Laurie Seron, her daughter, 
Sr. Historian of the UGRR National Freedom Center, 
Carl Westmoreland & 
Serena Strother Wilson -
Master Quilter and Art Historian 
in front of Slave Pen at the opening celebration of 
the Underground Railroad
National Freedom Center. (Below)

They are standing in front of a authentic "Slave Pen"

Slave pens where where enslaved people
were chained against their will, while
waiting to be sold in Slave Markets in American.

This slave pen above was moved to the
Underground Railroad Nation Freedom Center
in Cincinnati, OH.

The video tape continues with The Early Show's 
 co-anchor Harry Smith's interview with 

at the Freedom Center's celebration dinner.

"I discuss that Oprah (in the video)
did not know what 
she would do in the situation of slavery. 

She comments that there weren't free African & 
African Americans who were abolitionist that
helped with monies, 
jobs, clothing, employment and housing. 

We know she is familiar with Frederick Douglass 
(Click photo to hear his story)

Free and enslaved populations (in some places)
co-existed with slavery, the same way we do now
with what is called "Human Trafficking".

(Click to hear her story)

Harriett Tubman (Click to hear her story)

and many others but that she was on
"the spot" in the interview. 

I talk to the students about
"Reconciliation Skills",
that often adults or children
might say something they did not mean, 
but on the spot it can be misinterpreted 
or hurtful to others that hear the statements. 

We discuss ways to apologize or mend the breach.
If there is anyone there they were offended by or
they have offended.

 I want them to "mend the breach"
during the Exhibit and Gallery Activities.



"Sadly, Atlanta, where I live, is one of the most active 
Human Trafficking hub in the Nation. 

We must do whatever we can to taken actions
to fight the for enslaved!" 
---T.R. Kemp

In Covina, California at the Library Exhibit, some students watched the video first. 

Another part of the students group went to
the Arts & Crafts Activity.

Some of the group part learned how the
"UGRR Quilt Codes" were used. 

A brief overview of the
African textile languages that 
make up the
 Underground Railroad Quilt Code
Patterns is given, then students,
(Grades 2nd - 8th)
explored the exhibit.

Many guest at exhibits are interested in the
teaching tool - UGRR Sampler Quilts.

Sonya Hodges with Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp
Military Historians Honor 101st & 82nd Airborne

They hold last UGRR Sampler quilt
 made with her late mother
at the 
program to honor Military Veterans 
the 4th Annual Cornbread Jubilee & Festival of Breads Feb. 15th, 2014
held at Jim Hamilton Owens Field Airport 
in Columbia, SC.

 This East African black and tan leather Crazy Quilt
with Crossroads quilt pattern
 is hand painted and stamped. 

Some of the mosaic pieces are smaller than your fingers.

One of the African Collection's Adinkra Textiles

A Real West African Adinkra Stamp from the
Traveling Museum's African Collection. (Below left)


Adinkra Stamp Activity in Sharonville, OH at the
CMD Show - Original Creative Festival.

Nationwide, (SC to California), guest view and
photograph quilt displays at exhibits.  

Exhibit in Lawrenceville, GA.

All our visitors were accommodated
during the 2005-2007
Underground Railroad Secret Quilt Code Museum
Exhibit in Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.

"Atlanta's Quilt Lady" with guest 
quilters, historians & genealogist.

Family History sheets were given our to encourage
documenting your community or family history.

Mrs. Teresa Kemp answers questions
about the Shakeree artifact with Hebrew symbols.

Below groups view the "Celebration of Red Exhibit" at the St. Luke AME Church's Youth History Program in Lone Star, SC, February 16th, 2014.

She had copies of original Glynn County, GA
USA plantation wills
dated 1844 & 1858 naming
Rev. Peter Farrow Sr. & his wife, Eliza as their slaves.

Dr. Maddy & new friends at the
UGRR Quilt Code Museum

Mrs. Kemp's relative Paul Higgins, who lives
 in the LA area viewed Exhibit

Diverse groups with common interest meet at exhibits.

 Historians viewing several posters
with the translations
of African symbols meanings.

 Ghanaian woven Kente Cloth Textiles
with Jewish symbols of dreidels. (Below)

African King's stools in the Kente Cloth  Kente textile
from Ghana, Africa. (Below)

West African raffia palm textile from
Ghana, West Africa
with Hebrew symbols
are always the topic of conversations. (Below)

See how many symbols you can find using 
Chart of Hebrew characters. (Below)
*  (Hint: Some are upside down or on their side)

The posters were displayed of the translations 

of Textile Languages from 3,300 BC 

still understood and in use today worldwide.

At the UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum Exhibit
formerly located in Atlanta, GA

(formerly located in Underground Atlanta Mall),
there were 7 video monitors and
they could add up to 150 chairs
for large groups to view videos. 

Kids Craft Corner was a favorite place for
daily Crafting Activities.

Groups do geometrical mathematical based
UGRR Arts & Crafts Activity 
that is always a part of the visit. (Above)

Students are shown (age appropriate) math
activities are part of their everyday life 
and they are already good at calculations.

Family doing Adinkra Stamp Activity

Quilters compared the 
African made Kente cloth textile patterns, 

to the American Plantation Quilt  patterns
with same designs 
at the 
 held in Savannah, GA 
March 27-30th, 2014.

Hundreds of SCAD
(Savannah College of Art & Design)
students viewed the Quilt show and Exhibit.

Nigerian two tone hand dyed Indigo
with cotton woven,
 reverse applique textiles 

lead to many discussions about
the Igbo tribes' people taken for
agricultural abilities to grow rice, cotton and sugar cane.

Students found the Igbo & related tribes
 had ancient knowledge 
of weaving, processing indigo plants for dye,
  fine carpentry & metal smithing skills.
Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, owner of Plantation Quilts & Gifts 
exhibited 43 Historic textiles and artifacts.

Mildred H. Washington Master Quilter - Pickerington, OH 

President of Quilters for Christ,
assisted & guided quilters thru
  exhibits of her Bits & Pieces Quilts,
also featured at the show.

Students are given an (age appropriate)
Plan of Action for what they can do. 


for a more detailed listing
  • HELP ID ME - Missing Children's photos and info
    Facebook page devoted to identifying missing children to share with friends

I make sure they know address, phone numbers, 

how to get home or a place someone will recognize them.

(Schools, their library, community centers)

They can check to see how their state rates
in the Fight Against Slavery produced
by the Polaris Project Map of the United States:

You can click on this link to
Polaris Project's website see what 

They are given information on how to safely report 

Human Trafficking (National or International) or 
to call for help if abducted:
Articles about groups like:

Now Booking 2014 - 2017 Events

Call Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp

at (404) 468-7050 

E-mail: trkemp@PlantationQuilts.com

* For the Adults Health Care workers, Teachers and Parents:

Our Take 25 campaign encourages parents and guardians, educators, law-enforcement officers and other trusted adults to Pledge to take 25 minutes out of their day to talk to children about safety. Currently, more than 400 people have pledged 25 minutes each, that’s almost 10,000 minutes of safety conversations. You can be one of the featured champions by taking the Pledge today.

Children's Health Care of Atlanta
This web-based training series is presented by The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children and the Governor's Office for Children and Families

KYAAP - In Kentucky, House Bill 3 requires all individuals to report suspected human trafficking of a child to DCBSHuman Trafficking Hotline Number is:  1 888-373-7888. The information will be kept confidential and will be used for reporting purposes only.

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