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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Book Press Release Announcement

"Keeper of the Fire: An Igbo Metalsmith From Awka"

Is Now Available - Order your copy Today!

If you were left with questions, after reading "Hidden in Plain View" by Dr.Jacqueline L. Tobin & Dr. Raymond G. Dobard, (publishers: Doubleday Publishing/Random House) the book written about Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp's family working on the Underground Railroad in America. Her ancestors sewed African textile languages, patterns and symbols into quilts used as maps and messages. 

This book has the answers. 

The 1st book done by Dr. Ozella William's family. It's a presentation of 5 generation's, 187 years of collective research. In full color, 478 pages of "Keeper of the Fire", they share internationally gathered photos of the Quilt Code patterns on African homes, art and people. 

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Order at www.plantationquilts.com or 

Amazon.com ( http://www.amazon.com/Keeper-Fire-Igbo-Metalsmith-From/dp/149925945X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414853808&sr=8-1&keywords=Teresa+R.+Kemp) www.createspace.com/4776679

Authored by Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp (Owner of Plantation Quilts Ohio & UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum) This book accompanies the "UGRR Abolitionist -Keeper of the Fire Exhibit" 

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp
African Facial Marks Decode the Underground Railroad Quilts with Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp Gist of Freedom Interview

American Civil War Stories Underground Railroad Interview

Mrs. Kemp fights Human Trafficking using her families abolitionist legacy. She teaches delayed gratification and reconciliation skills to At-Risk populations.

Forewords by:

Serena M. Strother Wilson
The late Serena M. Strother Wilson (former resident of Columbus, Ohio) Historian Griot Master Quilter, Wife of the late, Dr. Howard L. Wilson (Ret. Lt. Col.) Former Deputy Safety Director City of Columbus, Ohio, Co-Owner of Plantation Quilts & the Underground Railroad Quilt Code Museum Art & Education History Maker's - 5 hours of video tape interviews now in the Library of Congress:


Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku 
Dr. Johnston A. K. Njoku, Associate Professor Folklore Studies at Western Kentucky University http://www.wku.edu/fsa/staff/johnston_njoku

  Author of "From Freedom to Freedom" (2014) Publisher -Africa World Press

Other Publications Below:

“Before the Middle Passage: Igbo Slave Journeys to Old Calabar and Bonny” 
Repercussions of the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Interior of the Bight of Biafra and the African Diaspora, edited by Carolyn Brown and Paul Lovejoy. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press (2011) 57-69.

Amamihe: The Basis of Igbo Culture and Character Formation. Goldline and Jacobs Publishers, NJ, Canada, and Owerri, 2010.

ENYI BIAFRA: Regimental Drill, Duty Songs, and Cadences from Biafra. Goldline and Jacobs Publishers, NJ and Owerri, 2009.

“The Atlantic Slave Trade, Colonialism, Gender, and Class Transformations in the Bight of Biafra Hinterland” in Olaudah Equano and the World. Edited by Chima Korieh. Africa World Press, (2009), pp. 203-217.

“Civil Society Practices among the Igbo People of Nigeria,” in Comparative Perspective of Civil Society, edited by Robert Dibie. Lexington Books 2008, pp. 209-223

Oral tradition and the material culture of the Atlantic slave trade as historical source: evidence from the Bight of Biafra hinterland.

In The Aftermath of Slavery: Transitions and Transformations in Southeastern Nigeria. Edited by Chima J. Korieh and Femi J. Kolapo. Trenton, NJ: African World Press, Inc. 2007, pp. 136-157.

Jamel K. Thomas Joyce
 Illustrated by Jamel K. Thomas-Joyce
9 year old Columbus, Ohio resident, Jamel's Louise Nevel Box Sculpture is currently on exhibition in the All District Art Show at Cassingham High School Complex in Bexley, Ohio until November 7th, 2014. It is his 4th year to be selected for the All- District Shows. 

For more information, please call Mrs. Teresa Kemp at 
USA 001(404) 468-7050 or email: trkemp@PlantationQuilts.com

"We Use Education as a Bridge to Understanding"

Osinachi (Means God has Returned a Gift)
Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Plantation Quilts
Phone: USA 001 (404) 468-7050 
E-mail: trkemp@PlantationQuilts.com

Website: www.PlantationQuilts.com
Twitter: @UGRRQuiltMuseum
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