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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


3rd Generation

I tried to place documents about my family document in Keeper of the Fire in my UGRRQuiltCode Blogspot so that listeners of the 1/15/2015 radio program would be able to follow along and join our 1/15/2015 discussion.

 Our wonderful host, Bernice Bennett's on-line Geneaology BlogTalk Radio Program did her best to assist in clarification and a orderly presentation of thousands of years of history in one hour.  

This is the 2nd on-line radio interview I have done and I what to thank her for having me (Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp) as a guest. I will continue adding documents and more primary sources and Methodology. These post are part of the documents we will be discussing. I put the information here for your study & review. It continues my mission

To document, discuss preserve our families cultures and contribution to World & American History. 

I put the information here for your study & review.

William "Will" McDaniel
Nora (Farrow) McDaniel

I.       Peter and Eliza Farrow Sr.
II.    Their son Peter and 'Liza (Smith) Farrow Jr.
III. Their daughter Nora (Farrow) McDaniels & William McDaniels
IV. Their daughter Mary Eva (McDaniel) Strother & Milton & Strother
V.    Their daughter Serena (Strother) Wilson & Howard Wilson, Ph.D.
VI. Their daughter Teresa R. Wilson Kemp

1908 Marriage Record -


Cemetery and Death Records -

Headstones are a source of American Revolutionary or Civil War military service or community illnesses like yellow fever or malaria out breaks.
American Revolutionary war marker
I have gone to the family churches and the cemeteries with my parents on several occasions and cleaned, re-marked an photographed the grave sites.

We also took a van load of family and toured Edgefield and surround SC Circuit churches our family preached, served as administration, attended, or are buried and photo graphed the cemetery sites.

My parents are both buried on the land it is still in our family.

Teresa Kemp & Catherine Fuller 2014
I knew and learned our family history from their daughters my grand mother Mary Eva, Ozella, and still living Catherine. I stayed with their son Calvin, knew Ervin and his children are all still living an are active in our Family Reunions. 


Catherine came to our 2012 Family Reunion and we video taped and photographed her. When I exhibited in the Maryland/DC area I stopped by her house and she allowed me to photograph her pictures. 

We talked on the phone at least bi-weekly and any question we can think of we discussed. Her memory was better than mine and she attended the wedding of her cousin Ophelia DeVore and told me about the food, the guest, the bridal party and the food catered by Ophelia's father John DeVore. (I have his recipe for hash).

Interviews with Catherine (McDaniel) Fuller was Will's younger brother, John & Maggie (Dent) McDaniel's daughter (Age 92 at her death in 2014). I lost my good friends and sources of family history Catherine Fuller in Nov. 2014. 

My late mother stayed with her grandparents on their farm in McCormick County, South Carolina as a child. Her great grandfather Peter Farrow called her and her sister the little "Ibo Gals" when he would visit he taught them their numbers, to spell their names, bible verses and their family history. (Ibo is now spelled Igbo/Their town in Nigerian was Oka is now spelled Awka)

According to journals my mother wrote and the history she rehearsed with me and other family members. Nora her grandmother, her aunts and other women in the community would gather to quilt and discuss community events history and the Quilt Code so they would never forget the method of their freedom. 

The initial information was gained by interview of my mothers freat aunt/cousin, two in their nineties are still living. 

"Plantation  were not called Plantations in many of my sources"

"In 1854 Dennis Redmond, an Irish born horticulturalist, built the plantation house now used as the clubhouse. Redmond edited the widely read Southern Cultivator, which was published in Augusta Georgia.

.....In 1857 and 1858, Redmond sold Fruitlands to a Belgian horticulturalist named L. E. M. Berckmans. He and his son, P. J. A. Berckmans, established Fruitland Nursery on the site, which became one of the most important horticultural centers in the South. Not only did they sell plant material, but they also imported new specimens and developed new varieties well adapted to the climate. 

The Berckmans created some of the most common southern shrubs and trees at Fruitlands. The beautifully landscaped golf course still has many plantings that originated when the Berckmans family operated their nursery." Source cited http://www.n-georgia.com/nps-augusta-fruitlands-golf-club.html

The above information are excerpts from my book
"Keeper of the Fire"

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