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Friday, January 16, 2015

Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp, Plantation Quilts
I want to thank Bernice Bennett host of "Research at the National Archives & Beyond", for having me as a guest last night. (1/15/2015) 
This on-line radio program kicked off the 2015 new year for me to re-focus on the goals. She gave me the opportunity to continue my family's mission.
I appreciate all of you all who tuned into "Research at the National Archives & Beyond". Thanks for liking my FB Author page (Mrs. Teresa R, Kemp) the museum FB page, UGRR Secret Quilt Code Museum, Google+ and visiting my UGRRQuiltCode.blogspot.com, where I put documents for Radio discussion & to assist you in finding sources and methodology to document your family or community.

It is only my second time doing on-line talk radio. Thankfully the program is archived in a Podcast for you to check out at a time that is more convenient.

I have put over 1,000 years of primary sources we used to verify and document our family's former oral history. I will continue adding documents weekly, by generation and answering your questions. 

We provide assistance in research, reports and more free of charge. Students give me at least a weeks notice and lead time to locate relevant documents and photos for school/university reports. 
I started with the Farrow - McDaniel side of my family. Peter was Ibo (Igbo, Ebo) from "Akwa" (Both the town name in Nigeria, Africa and the word for the legendary metal smiths in the craft guild of that town). 

The historic Strother & McDaniel families merge when William & Nora Bell (Farrow) McDaniel have Mary Eva McDaniel, my maternal grandmother, who married Milton Strother. See the posts generations 1-5.

Here is a high level overview of the Farrow Line:

I. Peter and Eliza Farrow Sr.
II. Their son Peter and 'Liza (Smith) Farrow Jr.
III. Their daughter Nora (Farrow) McDaniels & William McDaniels
IV. Their daughter Mary Eva (McDaniel) Strother & Milton & Strother

V. Their daughter Serena (Strother) Wilson & Howard Wilson, Ph.D.

VI. Their daughter Teresa R. Wilson Kemp (Me)

Documenting my African family history has been the work of 5 generations leaving bread crumbs for me on the path least taken. They are the subject of our book "Keeper of the Fire", finally published in 2014.

The above information are excerpts from my book
"Keeper of the Fire"
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