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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2nd Generation

I tried to place documents about my family document in Keeper of the Fire in my UGRRQuiltCode Blogspot so that listeners of the 1/15/2015 radio program would be able to follow along and join our 1/15/2015 discussion.

 Our wonderful host, Bernice Bennett's on-line Geneaology BlogTalk Radio Program did her best to assist in clarification and a orderly presentation of thousands of years of history in one hour.  

This is the 2nd on-line radio interview I have done and I what to thank her for having me (Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp) as a guest. I will continue adding documents and more primary sources and Methodology. These post are part of the documents we will be discussing. I put the information here for your study & review. It continues my mission

To document, discuss preserve our families cultures and contribution to World & American History.
Here is a high level overview of the Farrow Line. 
I.       Peter and Eliza Farrow Sr.
II.    Their son Peter and 'Liza (Smith) Farrow Jr.
III. Their daughter Nora (Farrow) McDaniels & William McDaniels
IV. Their daughter Mary Eva (McDaniel) Strother & Milton & Strother
V.    Their daughter Serena (Strother) Wilson & Howard Wilson, Ph.D.
VI. Their daughter Teresa R. Wilson Kemp

Rev. PETER  & ELIZA FARROW Sr. had a son. Peter named him after himself. Naming of the son after the father is an Ibo custom. They were enslaved on a Southern Georgia coastal plantation and listed in the 1840 & 1850’s wills and slave inventories I have.

Rev. Peter Farrow Jr. born 1858 and died October 11, 1946. His wife, Eliza (Smith) Farrow was born 1864 and died November 11, 1933.

US Census Record for Peter &Eliza Farrow with son Tom

This 1900 U.S. Census record, shows Peter misspelled “Pharrow”& his wife, Liza born in was born April 1864 and is shown as 36 years old (on her next birthday). They have their four children listed, who can all read, write and speak English. It shows they are all born in GA and lived in Columbia County, GA. James, born September 1885 will be 14 on his next birthday. Nora (my mother’s grandmother) born October 1886, will be 13 on her next birthday, Jency a daughter born Sept. 1890 will be age 9 on her next birthday. All of the children are listed as farm laborers and on land he rented to use as a famer.

Part of the reason it is difficult to find my family is due to the names being spelled using variations by census taker error or hard to read handwriting. On this Schedule the name is not spelled Farrow as it is on subsequent U.S. Census records.From this record we got their recorded race, gender, birth dates, locations, marital status, and their occupations. Their last name is spelled "Pharrow", which is one reason others could not find their records.
Here are the children of Rev. Peter Jr. & Liza Farrow they had four children (Nicknames my mother and other relatives knew them by -Tom, Jim, Nancy and Nora Bell) All reports agreed Peter & Eliza had 2 sons and 2 daughters. 
  • Thomas “Tom” Farrow born October 1883.
  • James (“Jim”) Farrow born September 1885, he died 12/19/1964.
  • Nora Bell Farrow born October 1888, died September 2, 1957. (my great grandmother)
  • Jencia “Jency” Farrow-Holms born in died 10/15/1968 married Gary Holms and (they had a son, Willie P. Bonham born 1890 in Georgia). She stuttered and was called "Auntie 10 cent" by my mother told me. 
All of the above listed children are deceased but one daughter of James and one daughter of Nora are still living. I talk with them monthly or more often. 

Marriage Certificates -
(Below) Tom's father Peter Farrow Jr. signed the Marriage Record that confirmed the month but had a different year for Tom's birth date.  Another issue was that Rubin Smith Eliza's father signed as the Grandmother. It also gave us Alma's last name and explained how we were related to the Brunson family of Edgefield County South Carolina.

Family Register of Rev. Peter Farrow Jr. who married his son and his wife, note that 
Thomas Farrow is listed as being born on Oct. 8, 1875, (conflicting with our original date) in Columbia County, GA and his wife, Alma (Brunson) Farrow was born in Edgefield County on July 12, 1900.


I believe that Rubin Smith signed as the other official at the wedding service, or as the maternal grandfather (since he is Peter Farrow Jr.’s wife Eliza’s) father, who is the “Husband” on this marriage record. Neither Alma Brunson’s parents nor grandparent are listed.
Tom & Alma Farrow with their daughter Lucille (I met her)
1940 U.S. Census of Tom & Alma Farrow
Eliza Farrow's 1933 Standard Certificate of Death
State of South Carolina 
We found Peter & Eliza's daughter Jency Holm's death date on the Scoggins Family Death Record below. My mother gave me the original hard copy and we scanned it together.

My mother passed and a man called and said he thought he was a family member of mine. His last name is Higgins. He sent me his family tree back to his grandmother and her 4 sisters. Three are listed on the record below, When he asked me whose family record this was I did not know. Finally when I pulled it up to send it to him I had saved it under "Scoggins Family Death Record" I still do not know any Scoggins! I have added the Higgins with my family records. All of the other names on this Record I know oddly enough there are no Scoggins on the list.

Nora's older brother, James is listed on here, as well as, Nora & her husband William's death dates too, 
Scoggins Family Death Record with both Peter & Eliza Farrow's death dates.
(Above) The Scoggins Family Death Record, with 22 of my family members listed. I have not found a member of the Scoggins family yet. My late mother gave me the record, I never thought to ask her where she found it. From the dates I think this person died in 1965-1969, had to live or attend church in the Edgefield or McCormick, SC area. If you know any contact me.

* If you do not have a Death Record  for your family, start one today. Put obituaries with your record and when time permits add their life story in your on-line family record.
Your Record can be in a journal that you get from the dollar store and I recommend the type where the pages do not come out. This record above has solved many mysteries for our family and is not even typed written. You can go to FamilySearch,org and type in Peter Farrow or my late mother's name Serena Strother Wilson and see what comes up.

William "Will" McDaniel

Nora Bell (Farrow) McDaniel

Nora married my great grandfather William McDaniel in 1908 and I have done a separate Blog Post for them since they had so many children. Here is their certificate and we also have a photo of the page in the County Marriage Book where their information is hand recorded.
I found it on www.Familysearch.org

I am in the process of  digitizing our family’s birth, marriage, court,military, land and death records before information is lost.

The above information are excerpts from my book

"Keeper of the Fire"

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