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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TUNE IN & Invite A Friends & 
Your Family Members to Join Us
I tried to place documents about my family document in Keeper of the Fire in my UGRRQuiltCode Blogspot so that listeners of the 1/15/2015 radio program would be able to follow along and join our 1/15/2015 discussion.

 Our wonderful host, Bernice Bennett's on-line Geneaology BlogTalk Radio Program did her best to assist in clarification and a orderly presentation of thousands of years of history in one hour.  

This is the 2nd on-line radio interview I have done and I what to thank her for having me (Mrs. Teresa R. Kemp) as a guest. I will continue adding documents and more primary sources and Methodology. These post are part of the documents we will be discussing. I put the information here for your study & review. It continues my mission

To document, discuss preserve our families cultures and contribution to World & American History.
                                          (Click on the poster to go to the website)

Get your questions and genealogy challenges addressed
Call in to speak with the host Bernice Bennett
Phone number (646) 200-0491 (in the USA)
Outside the USA use Country Code (001)

You can make this a: 
How to Document your Family 

A Genealogy Club Event -
Free Access to More Primary Resource Links

A Quilt Guild Event - How my family documented the UGRR Quit Code beginning 1950. Look at my African, Historic American textiles & Artifacts  Collections

Bible/Torah Study - See how this African group continued the culture of being monotheistic / Jews The bible documented there skills.

Cultural Organizational Event - We discuss what Africa looked like before it was subdivided, migrations & colonized.

Call In to Talk With Our Host Bernice Bennett 
Follow along with us.

During this show we are going to stay focused on the process used to document an oral history of my maternal side of the family that were abolitionist and used the UGRR Secret Quilt Code.

I have updated my website www.PlantationQuilts.com and starting to set up this UGRR Quilt Blog so that you will be able to click on Blog posts and see the topic related photos we are discussing or additional sources and links we may not have time to address Thursday night. 

Each Blog post will contain links to the primary sources I used. We invite you to tune in and tell your friends and family to join you. 

I will start with the African Sources and worldwide links that 
you can access for Free to begin or complete research.

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